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The First Session of Summer Camp 2022 Begins Today!

Our campers dive into the first session of summer camp this week! For session 1, our staff has prepared three weeks of exciting activities and enriching lessons for toddlers through elementary schoolers about the wonders of nature. This week marks the first of three sessions. This first session will last through July 8. Two additional sessions will follow: July 11 through July 29 and August 1 through August 12.

The toddlers are spending the week in the depths of the ocean learning about life under the sea. Teachers will introduce the basics of geography as students learn that three-fourths of the world is made up of water! These lessons will come to life as they splish-splash in the outdoor waterplay area and spend the day playing in their classroom beach.

Our Primary and Kindergarten camp will also spend the week under the sea. Their learning journey kicks off with our local rivers and tributaries. Then, they will follow them out to the ocean and experience the connectedness of these intricate ecosystems. What creatures call the ocean home? What are their habitats like? What resources do they use and create?

Campers in 1st through 6th grade are learning how nature inspires every aspect of our lives from art to engineering in Elementary Summer Maker’s Camp. Students will look to nature for solutions to everyday problems and design their own projects to combat real-world challenges. These inventors will also spend time every day swimming in the pool and attending special classes. Each Friday, they go on a field trip.

Hudson Montessori School uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach throughout the school year that carries over to summer camp. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative office or enroll now.

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