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UN Ambassador Keisha McGuire Meets with Upper Elementary Students

Our Upper Elementary students received a special visit on Tuesday, March 22, from Keisha McGuire, the United Nations Ambassador representing Grenada.

Ambassador McGuire gave the students an overview of what it's like to represent Grenada. She talked about her role's responsibilities and explained what a typical day at her job is like. She also fielded some provocative and insightful questions regarding Ukraine and how the U.N. handles global conflicts. She also shared how she works alongside other ambassadors.

This visit was inspiring especially since our students recently attended the Montessori Model United Nations. MMUN is a collaboration with the United Nations for Montessori students from around the world to act as delegates for a nation. Through role-playing, each student writes, presents, and debates issues. They act as a citizen of their selected country and fully develop an understanding of the country’s needs and social justice issues, helping them truly take on their delegate role.

With the MMUN and global citizenship at the forefront of our students’ minds, Upper Elementary students mobilized support for Ukraine by organizing a supply drive earlier this month. It was important for the students to run a supply collection drive and physically see the impact of getting humanitarian goods and understand how they can make a difference halfway around the world.

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