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Elementary Class Visits With Zoo-Archaeologist

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Hudson Montessori School selects a school-wide theme that’s woven into the curriculum for its primary to upper elementary students—age 3 through sixth grade—each year and maintains it throughout the year. The students are currently studying the history and cultures of indigenous people from many regions across the globe.

This week, all of the elementary classes met virtually with zoo-archaeologist Dr. Hannah Wellman at the University of Oregon to discuss animal biology and their DNA. Dr. Wellman and the students discussed animal bones, their structures, and how Native Americans utilized the animals in daily life.

The students asked Dr. Wellman questions about her career and learned that scientists like her work closely with archaeologists during an excavation to identify animal bones. Animal bone discoveries provide essential insights about the people who once lived there.

Hudson Montessori School takes pride in using interactive teaching methods to bring math, grammar, creative writing, geography, cultural studies, science, and more to life for their students. Meeting with people like Dr. Wellman shows students a real-world application for their theme-based learning and engages their curiosity to promote a life-long love of learning.

Dr. Hannah Wellman, zoo-archaeologist, University of Oregon

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