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Upper Elementary Students Meet With Hudson County Improvement Authority

This week, our students received a visit from the Hudson County Improvement Authority to discuss ways we can care for the Earth. Officer Wade Frazee talked to our Upper Elementary students about how garbage adds up and the importance of recycling.

Each year, Hudson Montessori School focuses on facets of a global theme that students study across the curriculum. This year, the Power of Nature is the underlying concept augmenting the students’ lessons on math, language, cultural studies, science, art, and more.

Students learned from Officer Frazee that the average person produces five pounds of garbage a day. That’s a lot of garbage for our local area, especially considering we do not have an active landfill. Students were encouraged to spread the word to their families on refocusing their recycling efforts to improve upon Jersey City’s 27% recycling rate.

After the presentation, Officer Wade and the students assembled a compost bin for the school provided by the Hudson County Improvement Authority, The bin is a powerful tool for teaching mindfulness about our waste.

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