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Why Should I Enroll My Student in Bridge Primary?

If you are looking for an enriching experience for your late-born 2-year-old who is ready to socialize, explore, and learn, we have developed the Bridge Primary program at Hudson Montessori School was made with your child in mind. As you know, your child can do so much even before age 3 (the usual cut-off of many programs), and we make sure that children do not miss out on learning at their level.

Our teachers guide this classroom of older 2s and younger 3s, providing them with a developmental and educational program that teaches independence, grace, courtesy, care of self, and early learning skills. Our Bridge Primary Program gives your child the added boost to prepare them for a mixed-age Primary classroom experience the following year.

The Bridge Primary program functions as an educational and experiential bridge easing young children who are attached to the familiarity of home, preparing them for daily classroom life. We recognize that each child has a natural drive toward independence and have curated this program to support each child’s mastery of social and emotional developmental skills like playing kindly with others, sharing, taking turns, and conflict resolution.

We have a few seats left in the Bridge Primary program for this September. Please contact us for more information about our Bridge Primary Program or our school. We look forward to learning more about your child! Learn more about our Bridge Primary program here.

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