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Why Should You Attend a Hudson Montessori Open House?

Most schools in Jersey City fill their student enrollment roster for the following year (2021-2022) by the end of January. We invite Jersey City families to attend an open house at Hudson Montessori School before our classes fill up. Our school serves students from age 2 to sixth grade. Come learn all about our school at a virtual open house. Meet teachers, see children in their classrooms, and ask questions at our live open house tours using Zoom video conferencing.

We have hundreds of reasons why parents and students have selected our school for their children year after year. We'll let our students and parents tell you in their own words what they appreciate about Hudson Montessori School:

“I am able to attend school every day, meet my friends, learn new things from my awesome teachers and for the love and kindness I receive from everyone.” —Ayan, age 5

“I am able to sing and listen to music with my teachers and classmates.” –Asher, age 2

"We've had Sebastian at Hudson for 6 years now. We see his enjoyment and connection with the school every day that he goes. It's a place that he feels comfortable, engaged and he can be himself. The environment the Hudson staff provides allows him to learn at the pace he wants to, help when he needs it and guidance to help him excel."

"This is our sixth year with the school. I have a son in Lower Elementary and another son in Primary (PK3). The teachers are exemplary. From Toddler to Primary to Elementary, one of the reasons I have great faith in the school is based on the school's ability to select wonderful teachers and create a loving community for all of us to feel connected like a family."

Sign-up for a virtual open house tour at Hudson Montessori School today!

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