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Join Us for Our 2023 Social Studies Fair: Trade and Trade Routes

Trade and Trade Routes affect the entire world and historically have for many millennia. The 260 students from Hudson Montessori School—from ages 2 to 13—know about so many different aspects of this important social studies theme and invite you to learn all about it.

Students, parents, and the public are invited to our classrooms as museum guests to view our curated galleries filled with art, informational pieces, and interactive exhibits for the 14th annual Social Studies Fair “Trade and Trade Routes” on May 6, 2023, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., 10-50 Regent Street, Jersey City, NJ.

The event will dazzle all ages, and it’s fun too! We’ll also have:

  • Face painting

  • Balloon artist

  • Magician

  • Arts and crafts

  • Food trucks

  • Music/DJ entertainment

  • Games

  • Rain or shine/open house style

Some classrooms examined commodities in-depth, like tea, silk, and salt, or looked at regions of trade routes—North America, South America, or travel on waterways—and explored the evolution of trade over time. The fair allows our students to celebrate their learning and connect their work and the bigger world.

We teach our students that their learning has value—intrinsic but also tangible, transactional value! We have created a game for students to visit all the galleries (exhibits in the classroom). The school will donate funds to the Save the Children organization—the more exhibits each child visits, the more funds the school will donate on each child's behalf.

Save the Children is a leading humanitarian organization working closely with the United Nations to end child labor, exploitation, starvation, and poverty.

The free event is designed by the school and teachers; the exhibits are developed by students with the help of their families; and our doors are open to the community to enjoy these museum-quality exhibits. Hudson Montessori School uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, based on Montessori philosophy and methodology, and fosters the love of learning for all students.

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