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Making Hudson Montessori Home: School Welcomes Seven New Staff Members

Our teachers and staff guide the students in every Hudson Montessori School classroom to discover, practice, and master skills that forge a lifelong love of learning. What started in 2009 as one toddler classroom with 25 students has grown into a school community of over 200 students from ages 2 through 8th grade, all thanks to the staff who worked tirelessly each step of the way. The wisdom they bring from their over 300 years of combined teaching experience has been invaluable as our school continues to evolve with the addition of our Middle School program in September.

This year, we welcome seven exceptional new teachers and assistants who bring expertise from a wide range of specialties. They have earned Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business and Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Economics, Translating and Interpreting, Finance, Psychology and Theology, Business Administration, and Management.

Extensive thought and consideration goes into selecting new teachers. Each candidate must demonstrate their dedication to the school’s vision and the Montessori methodology. Once hired, our school prioritizes professional development. Many of the school’s teachers grow in their profession as assistant teachers, apprenticing with certified lead teachers and getting them prepared for greater responsibilities as potential lead teachers when they complete certification and demonstrate readiness.

Our students benefit from the broad swath of cultures our staff represents. The multiculturalism of the staff helps Montessori’s Cultural Studies curriculum come alive. Students are exposed to many new traditions and languages that enriches their understanding of a variety of social customs. Most of our teachers are fluent in more than one language, including Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hindi, French, Tagalog, among others.

Each teacher immerses themselves in our school’s annual year-long learning theme and infuses their knowledge into every area of their curriculum. Last year, our staff taught students how to glean inspiration from nature and encouraged them to push the boundaries of their imagination and boldly invent solutions to global problems like climate change.

Supporting students in their visions goes beyond the classroom. With every school event, whether it’s the annual Social Studies Fair, the Montessori Model United Nations, or the Year End Celebration, our teachers provide students the tools they need to confidently create, showcase, and share their ideas for a brighter future.

Thank you to our teachers and staff for guiding our students through their most pivotal years. We thrive as a community because of your care and commitment. We look forward to another wonderful year with you as a vital part of Hudson Montessori School!

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