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Middle Schoolers Encourage Students to Think Green with Plastic Free Lunch Day

This month, our students joined schools across the U.S. for Plastic Free Lunch Day. Whether it's provided from school or brought from home, lunches packaged with single-use plastic wreak havoc on our ecosystems.

These single-use plastics do not biodegrade. Instead, it fragments over time into microplastics that make their way into our soil, waterways, and even our bodies! Scientists have found evidence of microplastics and nanoplastics in people's liver, digestive tract, lungs, and blood. Because less than 9% of plastics thrown away are recycled, the best way to combat eating and breathing these plastics ourselves is to replace them in our daily lives with reusable and biodegradable materials instead.

Two Middle Schoolers, Sean and Kaelyn, have continued their research in a longitudinal study on microplastic and water pollution. They have continuously collected data on how much trash our school produces and what that means for our community.

They presented their preliminary findings to our elementary classes. They also encouraged other students to view Microplastic Madness, a film showing they attended with some of their peers at Columbia University School of Climate. Kaelyn and Sean will unveil the results of their data at our upcoming Social Studies Fair on May 6, 2023.

Plastic consciousness began earlier this year as our school also promoted a Plastic Free Valentine’s Day. These events will be the first of many.

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