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Students Put Finishing Touches on Projects for 2024 STEM Showcase

Each year, our students submit projects to the Hudson County STEM Showcase. Hudson Montessori School proudly announces that our students have submitted 22 spectacular projects to the 2024 showcase. All of our students have worked tirelessly as they researched, wrote, and crafted these incredible presentations. 

Here is a list of each of the students and the projects they will unveil on Monday, March 11, at the exhibition being held at the Liberty Science Center: 

  • Kalyani A. - EmpathAI: Developing an AI System with Social Emotion Awareness

  • Vera B. and Katerina D. - Energetic Food

  • Aditya A. - An Effective Way to Use Essentials Oils as Antibiofilming Strategies

  • Rayaan H. and Matthew G. - Sound Alert-A Low-Cost Device to Regulate Classroom Noise

  • Sophie L., Sophia C., and Alice D. - The Effects of Being Outside

  • Vihaan R. - Social Media's Impact on the Growth Mindset

  • Sebastian R. and Joel V. - Serious Play for a Serious Issue: Analyzing Educational Games for Climate Change Awareness

  • Eleanor T. and Jaanvi C. - The Effects of Being Outside

  • Zach C.- Monitoring Air Quality in Construction Sites

  • Rowan J. - Composting Smell Minimizers

  • Mike B. and Jackson L. - Exploring the Impact of Combined Sewer Overflows on the Hudson River

  • Afsheen K. - SafeHands: Empowering Dementia Patients

  • Avi M. - Optimizing Artificial Tissue Generation Through Real-Time Monitoring and Correction of pH of Culture Media

  • Kaelyn S. -The Role of Houseplants in Enhancing Indoor Air Quality: An Air Purifying Perspective

  • Maddox B. - Humans vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence) - A mixed method comparative study

  • Zoe R. and Caeden S. - Exploring the Impact of Greenhouse Structures on Climate and Agriculture

  • Rea R. and Mia L. - Board Games and Mental Wellness (Different Ways That People Feel Based on Interactive Board Games)

  • Seher K. - Taking Control - Social Emotional Learning and Mental Awareness in Schools

  • Sean K. - The Impact of Chemicals on Algae

  • Atharva A. - The Efficacy of Biofilters in the Filtration of Contaminated Water Bodies

  • Anish D. - How They Affect Air Quality: What You Need to Know about Lichens

  • Alexandra B. and Mira S. - The Effects of Floating Wetlands on Water Quality

The skills for these outstanding presentations are taught at each grade level through our accredited STEAM program, infusing our curriculum with science, technology, engineering, art, and math lessons. We are proud to support the hard work of our 32 Hudson Montessori students and admire their dedication to their projects throughout the school year.

The Hudson County STEM Showcase is open to all Hudson County students. Our neighbor, the Jersey City Medical Center/RWJBarnabas Health, has been the presenting sponsor for seven years. 

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School's interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, the Montessori philosophy and methodology, or how the school fosters the love of learning for its students, the school welcomes parents to learn more for children aged 2 to eighth grade at our upcoming open houses.

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