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Students See Depiction of Underground Railroad While Honoring Black History Month

Celebrating diversity and in-depth cultural studies are integrated into our school’s curriculum at every age level throughout the year. However, our students intensified their focus on Black history during February and held thoughtful classroom discussions around topics like slavery, racism, and civil rights. Our Upper Elementary and Middle School students recently visited the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to view “Freedom Flight,” an original play that tells a true story about the Underground Railroad in Ohio.

“Freedom Flight” immersed our students in history, telling the harrowing journey of Addison White, an enslaved person who escaped from Kentucky to the small town of Mechanicsburg, Ohio. He was taken in by a farmer, worked for his meals, and learned how to read and write.

The story shows how a town of over 100 citizens from Mechanicsburg rallied around White to help him in his hour of need.

“Freedom Flight” was a poignant and moving reminder for the students about our nation’s history and the importance of standing up for equality. Through drama and music, our students came face to face with characters from the past to better understand the Underground Railroad.

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