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Teaching Excellence at Hudson Montessori School

Our teachers and staff have been key in the Hudson Montessori School success story since the school started 12 years ago. As we step into a new era of growth with our Middle School expansion next year, we appreciate the loyalty and dedication of our staff now more than ever. Our teachers and staff have over 250 years of combined teaching experience!

This year, we welcome eight new teachers with exceptional backgrounds across a wide swath of specialties. Our new staff have achieved Master’s degrees in Science and Social Work, and Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing, Communication, Sociology, History, Psychology, Business, and Anthropology.

Much thought and consideration goes into selecting new teachers. Each demonstrates their dedication to the school’s vision and the Montessori methodology. Many of the school’s teachers grow in their profession as assistant teachers, apprenticing with certified lead teachers and getting them prepared for greater responsibilities as potential lead teachers when they complete certification and demonstrate readiness. The school proudly cultivates the professional growth of all of its teaching staff.

Since cultural studies is a pillar of instruction for the students, the multiculturalism of the staff exposes the students to many new traditions, languages, and enriches their understanding of a variety of social customs. Most of our teachers are fluent in more than one language, including Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hindi, French, Tagalog, among others.

Year-long learning themes are a cornerstone of our curriculum, requiring each teacher’s dedication to the theme. Last year, the teaching staff led our students through the intricacies of indigenous cultures throughout time and from all over the world. This year, the annual theme will explore the power of nature and the impact climate change has on our world.

With every school event, whether it’s the annual Social Studies Fair, Code Night, or the Year End Celebration, our teachers stoke the flames of creativity in our students and provide direction for their bold visions.

We thank our teachers and staff for guiding our students through their most pivotal years. We thrive as a community because of their care and commitment. We look forward to another wonderful year with you as a pivotal part of our Hudson Montessori School community.

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