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Taking STEAM Education Beyond the Classroom

Learning at Hudson Montessori School extends beyond the four walls of the school's classrooms with regular field trips, neighborhood walks, and external activities like the recent visit to the Hudson River estuary at Liberty State Park and our annual Code Night event.

Hudson Montessori School goes beyond STEM by embracing STEAM education, where the additional "A" stands for the arts. Creativity is integral to artistic self-expression, problem-solving, and confidence-building. Our STEAM approach cultivates an individualized, well-rounded learning experience for each student. STEAM learning engages and stimulates both sides of the brain by incorporating their creative ideas and analytical skills.

Hudson River Estuary

During a recent visit to the Hudson River estuary, The first, second, and third-grade students applied the scientific method by observing, collecting information, and reviewing data. The students studied animal habitats and the connection between where animals live, their diet, and their needs. 

Guided by field guides and naturalists, our Lower Elementary students explored the pond, using dip nets to identify various pond life, including shrimp, water beetles, mummichogs, banded killifish, and more. Armed with journals, they recorded findings and sketched observations. The interactive displays and aquarium at the Liberty State Park Nature Center added to the excitement of the educational outing.

Annual Code Night Event

Parents and Kindergarten to Middle School students came together in December for our 10th annual Code Night event.  

Teachers and students arranged several exhibits with hands-on displays for all attendees to investigate the endless possibilities of coding. Among them was a speaker's gallery dedicated to TED-talk-style discussions where students gave presentations and led conversations on the coding projects they made. Children delved into computer programming, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, DNA sequencing, mechanical engineering, and more by presenting and discussing their projects with others.

"This is such a fun event for our students, and we welcomed our Kindergartners to join the older students and families to participate," said Hudson Montessori director Gina Reeves. "Our STEAM team always does a great job engaging everyone in learning and doing for this event."

Computer Science Education Week is held annually in December to celebrate the birthday of computer science pioneer Admiral Grace Hopper, who contributed to the development of word-based programming languages and the development of modern-day use of computers for business applications.

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School's interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, the Montessori philosophy and methodology, or how the school fosters the love of learning for its students, the school welcomes parents to learn more for children aged 2 to eighth grade at our upcoming open houses.

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