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Fostering the Love of Learning for Ages 2 Through Eighth Grade


The Premier School in
New Jersey!

While our school is rooted in fostering individual growth, we recognize that the world beyond our campus requires healthy competition, particularly in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) arena. So, we make available a range of academic competitions and challenges for those students who are drawn to explore the competitive aspect of learning. Here are a few of the most recent results:

  • Hudson County STEM Showcase (2023-2024): 12 student awards 

  • Hudson County STEM Showcase (2022-2023): 11 student awards

  • MathCounts Competition: Second Place Team (Regional)

  • American Mathematics Competition: Michael B. (Honor Roll)

  • Scripps Spelling Bee (2023-2024 and 2022-2023): Atharva A. (Top Qualifier)

  • Future City Competition (2023-2024): Best Visualization of a Smart Sustainable City

  • Future City Competition (2022-2023): Most Environmentally Friendly City

  • Hudson River Data Jam (2022-2023): 15 student awards (Grand Prize: Elementary; Honorable Mention: Middle School)

  • Billion Oyster Project Symposium (2022-2023): 5 student awards

  • And so much more...

Montessori in a Minute Series

Montessori schools utilize specially designed tools to promote experiential learning at each age level. Our Montessori in a Minute series regularly explores the unique benefits of these fundamental materials through informative posts on our blog.


Our repository of past posts serves as an informational guide for hundreds of parents both at our school and around the globe and expands with new topics each week.

Our classes



Toddler (2s)

age 2 years

The Toddler Program is designed to stimulate the senses of our young children and for them to feel and learn from the many Montessori materials laid out in an orderly, sequential fashion.


Bridge Primary 

age 2.5-3 years

The Bridge Primary program is designed for transitional 3s to prepare them for the order and structure of the Primary program. 



age 3-5 years

The Primary Program is a multi-age classroom setting, with students ages from 3 to 5 years old. The classroom is a creative, innovative and constructive environment designed to create a love of learning.



age 5 years

The Kindergarten program is an extension of our Primary Program and where we start complement traditional Montessori education with modern research-based curriculum.


Lower Elementary

Grades 1-3

The Elementary program adheres to the core principals of the Montessori philosophy: individualized learning, hands-on Montessori materials and blocks of uninterrupted work time. 


Upper Elementary

Grades 4-5

Our Upper Elementary Program helps students to develop social and leadership skills. The curriculum aligns with state standards and integrates Montessori philosophy and experiential learning .

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Middle School

Grades 6-8

Our Middle School program incorporates data science, literacy, research and development, and more! Hands-on projects, field trips, and community outreach broaden their perspectives and worldview.

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Our Graduates

Our Middle School graduates move on to great schools more than ready for what awaits them in high school and beyond.

Our History

Hudson Montessori School opened its doors in 2009 and our first class had 25 students. We have grown over the years and today we have over 250 children calling Hudson Montessori School their school.

Hudson Montessori
A Timeline



  • Located in the Boys & Girls Club Building

  • 1 Toddler Classroom

  • 25 Students

Second Year


  • 10 Regent Street

  • 1 Toddler Classroom

  • 1 Primary Classroom

  • 45 Students

Fourth Year


  • 10 Regent Street

  • 1 Toddler Classroom

  • 3 Primary Classrooms

  • 120 Students

Tenth Year


  • 10 Regent & 30 Regent Street & 50 Regent Street

  • 1 Toddler Classroom

  • 1 Bridge Classroom

  • 6 Primary Classrooms

  • 3 Lower Elementary Classrooms

  • 1 Upper Elementary Classroom

  • 220 Students

Fifteenth Year


  • 10 Regent, 30 Regent Street, 50 Regent Street & 299 Grand Street

  • 2 Toddler Classrooms

  • 1 Bridge Classroom

  • 5 Primary Classrooms

  • 3 Lower Elementary Classrooms

  • 1 Upper Elementary Classroom

  • 1 Middle School

  • 260 Students





Hudson Montessori School has also developed an amazing STEAM program incorporating the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math across the curriculum through having children engage in activities where they can see and feel the connections that are made in all parts of their world.


Special Programs

Our special programs include: Music & Chorus, STEAM, Library, Spanish, Physical Education, Jazz Band - Elementary, Public Speaking - Elementary.


After School Enrichment Programs

Hudson Montessori offers several 

After School Enrichment Programs comprised of a variety of extracurricular classes offered throughout the week for the convenience of our school’s parents and children.


Admissions Process & Enrollment


What Parents Say...

We've had Sebastian at Hudson for 6 years now. We see his enjoyment and connection with the school every day that he goes. It's a place that he feels comfortable, engaged and he can be himself. The environment the Hudson staff provides allows him to learn at the pace he wants to, help when he needs it and guidance to help him excel.

— Lower Elementary Parent

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